Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Window To Europe - Hybrid Vst Plugin

A window to Europe is a hybrid additive / FM synth featuring a rhythm sequencer. * Bank on 128 presets + additional, all - 146. * The main modules and elements of management are equipped with the random button. * Hybrid from oscillators of additive synthesis and FM. *The user can operate additive synthesis, drawing the cursor the wave line in a program window. * The filter with ADSRL envelope. *ADSR envelope for amp. * Ping-pong delay. *Three-band equalizer. * Effect horus-flenzher. *Rhythm sequencer with speed and smoothing adjustment, 8 levels of cycle city in each step. * Monitoring of a sound signal with possibility of a freeze frame of the picture. *Built-in preset manager with ability to patch name editing.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

T-Force Alpha TS - Hybrid Vst Plugin

Alpha TS is a subtractive synthesizer plugin especially designed for trance music, inspired by the famous Roland Supersaw.

With its Multiwave Oscillators You can create deep basses, powerful leads, hypnotic plucks, epic and bright pads and much more...

3 Multiwave Oscillators with adjustable stereo width, and panning, switchable between single mode (normal) and multi mode (Supersaw like) with Sine, Saw, Ramp (reversed Saw), Triangle, Pulse (square with PWM), White and Pink Noise.
1 Resonance Four Pole State Variable Filter, switchable between Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and switchable 12/24 dB slope, Resonance can be driven up to self oscillation
1 ADSR Filter Envelope
1 ADSR Amp Envelope
2 AD Mod/Pitch Envelopes
2 host syncable LFO's
Adjustable Drive function for Saturation/Distortion
two band Low Freq/High Freq Equalizer
Envelope Controlled Trance Gate
Velocity control (on/off)
Dual Delay, switchable between Stereo mode and Pingpong mode (right and left channels have their own tempo settings)
Stereo Reverb
all functions fully automatable

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Gnat - Free Hybrid Vst Plugin

Gnat is a hybrid analog / sample based synthesizer.

* Oscillators: At its core Gnat houses 2 alias-free unison oscillators and 2 simple oscillators, which generate analog shaped waveforms. The unison oscillator is capable of producing 6 unison voices in stereo. You can send 3 Osc output into the next Osc, so you can vary the sound.
* Filter: You can control the filter with 8 settings, and with the ADSR module. You can enable the velocity filter, and change the feeling with the filter LFO. If you don't want to use the filter on the sample wav files, you can disable it.
* FX: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Vibrato, Phaser, Key pitch, Portamento in mono mode, Distortion-Overdrive.
* This plugin comes with 50 presets.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

XenFont - Free Hybrid Vst Plugin

XenFont is a two oscillator, hybrid SF2 SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis.

This VSTi features full-controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning using the MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) format, where any MIDI Note Number can be freely microtuned to any desired pitch across the MIDI range, enabling computer musicians and composers to explore the vast expressive possibilities of composing music with alternative intonation systems.

XenFont is a microtonal sound-designer's SF2 sample-based synthesizer, with a carefully designed ergonomic workflow for quickly creating powerful sounding and musical useful timbres. The instrument enables users to load their own SF2 SoundFont files and thereby any special timbres required of the music at hand, from classical acoustic instruments, to synthesized ones. Routing the SF2 SoundFont Oscillators through the internal synthesis functions of the VSTi, provides a way to radically transform the original sounds and create new synthesized timbres.

Enables computer musicians and composers to freely load their own SF2 SoundFonts into a fully microtonal, hybrid sampling & subtractive synthesis based VSTi.
A ‘knob-less’ design featuring slider controls only, which enables intuitive direct control with a computer mouse.
A dedicated control signal system mapped to the most important synthesis functions.

Settings are made by typing values into fields, dropdown lists, left-and-right arrows, switches and sliders.
Enables musicians to specify precise microtonal pitch-bend settings.
Features arbitrary microtonal oscillator transposition settings.

Velocity modulation of harmonics enables dynamically playing harmonics of the fundamental pitch.
Envelope generators with per-stage ADSR keyboard tracking.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bass One - Bass Synth VST

Bass One is a 3 oscs bass synthesizer with good quality signal producing,

Bass One is also taged as hybrid synthesizer.

it features:

waveform, sub osc, powerful filter section, over drive, reverb and envelope.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kairatune - Subtractive Hybrid Vst Plugin

Kairatune is designed to produce crisp and tight electric sounds for electronic music production.

Kairatune is engineered for the demanding producer who needs to push the sound to extremes without compromising audio quality. Kairatune offers fast and intuitive sound design workflow. The user interface is designed for a musician rather than an engineer and is based on the concept of pitch and beat in contrast to frequency and time. Kairatune lets you travel in the world of beats, notes and intervals instead of the logarithmic mathematics of frequencies and the rarely useful absolute time. Kairatune is not your all-in-one synthesizer. It's designed and engineered to be as powerful and versatile as possible in it's target role as your source for tight bass, unique lead and shiny SFX sounds. At the same time it makes all the effort to be simple enough to use, enabling you to add your personal touch and flavor to the sound and seek for the perfect fit to your mixing preferences.

Multi-oscillator sound generator, virtually a single oscillator with the sound of five.
Independent fundamental generator prevents beating at the bottom while enabling full and vivid treble.
Tempo synced envelopes and modulators for rhythmic action.
Advanced stereo image and spatial modulation.
HPF and BPF delay units, phaser, EQ.
All parameters accessible at once on a single panel.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DSK OranZe - Hybrid Synth Vsti


- 2 OSC, 135 waveforms*
- Phase mod.
- Amp. envelope
- Octave selector and microtuning
- 2 multi-mode Filter
- 2 LFO's with 5 waveforms
- 1 extra LFO, with waveforms
- LFO Routing Matrix
- Note sequencer (32 steps)
- Gate Sequencer (16 steps)
- Light delay effect
- Midi automation
- Velocity response
- Preset manager
- Preset and step seq. "one click generator"(random)

*User can edit waveforms whit mouse drag.

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